1st Grade Online Games

  • Alphabet Game
    See the letter and a picture, select the letters, type the letters, then go to the next one!
  • Arthur Goes to School
    Help Arthur find his missing sock and toothbrush so he can get ready for school. (online lift-the-flap book)
Chicken Stacker

  • Critter Jumble
    Critter Jumble puts your spelling skills to the test. Move a mixed-up hodgepodge of letters to reveal the mystery word.
  • Funny Clowns
    Fun observation game, predicting the outcome of a picture and then studying clown faces for similarities and differences - parent and child activity
  • Fun Match
    Match animals, instruments, numbers, good food, junk food, flowers and more in this multi-level matching game.
  •  Fun With Trains
    Parent/child activities - discuss the pictures and what you can find
Gawain's Word
Lionel's Talking Gizmo
Look Out Below!
Mox's Shop
  • Oddball
    One of these things is not like the other..... if you're right 20 times, you can post your name!
Gus the Duck
  •  Scenario Creator
    Write a story with forest animals, what are they saying, what are they doing?
Pete's Sheep
  •  Type Me Rescue falling letters and words by typing them correctly on the keyboard. Three versions with adjustable skill levels makes this a challenge for anyone!
Word Play

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