Student Activities

Grade 1

Language Arts Activities
Alphabet Sites

Pete's Sheep

Beginning consonants

Capitalization and Punctuation




  • Grade One Books Online - Children can read to one another from books that are especially designed to match exactly with Grade 1 Reading Vocabulary Lists.
Consonant Clusters

Sky Ride



Ending consonants


Long Vowels

Main Idea

Memory Practice

  • Memory Cards - Here's a memory card game with a twist - match pairs of rhyming words.


Phonics knowledge





  • Learn to Read- Easy to read stories that focus on a particular vowel sound along with quizzes on the same vowel. Long and short vowels included.15 separate stories and quizzes.
  • SpellBound - Child sees the word spelled correctly, then letters are mixed up and child must put them in order again.
  • Which Bird is Correct? - pick the bird that is saying the written word and drag the parrot over to the word.
  • Missing Word - Listen to the sentence being said. Click on the missing word.
  • Phonic Endings
  • Word Families - create new words from word endings.
R Controlled Words


 Rhyming practice

Sentence Structure




  • Sequence the Story - drag the pictures in the correct order. Students can have the story read to them if necessary.

Sight Words




Short Vowels




  Stories Online



Vocabulary Building





Word Endings

Specific Practice






Diphthongs oi,oy, and ew

Find the oi, oy and ew words that match the pictures.

Diphthongs ou and ow

Find the ou and ow words that match the pictures.

Final Consonant Digraphs

Identify the digraph that ends each word.

Fly-by Contractions Click on contractions as the fly past the screen in an air show.


Use your knowledge of suffixes to match words to definitions.

Vowel Digraphs

Identify the vowel digraph in each word.

Web Quests



Other Web Sites

Car Race




















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